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baby, could we make a home in the stars?


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Sweet Breads from Kyoto Aquarium

Jelly fish- Fluffy white bread with white chocolate center

Crab- Sweet bun with custard filling

Dolphin-  Fluffy white bread with chocolate center

Clown FIsh- Has 3 rings that is made of cookie dough (with lots of milk and butter)

Harbor Seal-  Fluffy white bread with chocolate center

Salamander-  Thick chocolate cream filling

Frog- Sweet matcha bread 

Turtle-  Biscuit with Matcha/Green tea cookie dough shell

(There’s also Melon and Cocoa Flavored Variations of the turtle bread)

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More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women

real talk

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“why is my otp on this horrible show”

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What I’ve discovered is that in art, as in music, there’s a lot of truth-and then there’s a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It’s the moment that the audience falls in love.

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This is very important. Check out this websites:


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